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Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe place for Cavaliers in need regardless of age or medical condition.  We rescue, rehabilitate (no matter how long it takes), and match them to a carefully selected permanent home.  Our original goal was to take in over bred, neglected breeding inventory from high volume commercial breeding facilities but, our purpose has expanded due to the high volume of dogs in need. 

 The sources of our rescues include direct releases from commercial/backyard breeders, owner releases from homes unable to care for their pets, releases from shelters, Cavaliers with special medical needs and a high percentage of unwanted seniors.  We will not turn away a Cavalier in need and will provide the best medical care and the best possible quality of life for our rescues.  We also rescue English Toy Spaniels in need.   We accept responsibility for all of our rescues for the life of that dog…..”Once a Lucky Star dog, always a Lucky Star dog.”


Our History.


Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue, originally founded in 1999 and incorporated in Florida in 2001, grew out of the need to rescue Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who are being kept in inhumane conditions for the sole purpose of breeding to supply puppies to pet stores and internet puppy sale sites.   Our purpose has since expaned to include other dogs in need. 

 We are comprised entirely of volunteers who assist in the rescue, transportation, rehabilitation, medical care and placement of these gentle dogs throughout the United States.  We strive to match them to an adoptive  family where they can enjoy a happy, healthy life with the love of a family and companionship.

We also actively strive to educate the public about the horror of some commercial breeding operations  and the health issues so often present in purebred puppies purchased from pet stores instead of from reputable breeders.

How we got our name.

Our first rescue  was a female named "Classic Star. "   But we thought her name should be "Lucky Star " because she was Lucky  that we rescued her! We loved the name and it stuck with both the doggie, Lucky, who lived happily  for many years, and with this organization.

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue became incorporated on January 6, 2000, and in 2001 were granted the IRS status of a nonprofit charitable organization - 501(C)(3). Our mission is to rescue and protect the breed which we all so dearly love.  We have since rescued over 2,000 dogs.

Donations are needed to help us continue our mission.  They are always welcomed and greatly appreciated.  Your generous donations are used to provide badly needed veterinary care which includes but is not limited to spays/neuters, vaccinations, dental care, medications, tests, ultrasounds, orthopedic surgeries, specialty care, etc.

These are just a few of the common expenses we face with dogs released from the mills and other sources.  Veterinary care is by far our greatest expense and it continues to grow with the increasing numbers of senior and neglected dogs we take, often turned away by others. After they have been treated, they will go to foster homes until we are able to find the best fit for each dog in a permanent home.  



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