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****Please read this section before applying.**** 



This handsome guy has already been adopted.  
But we have plenty more like him to give you kisses.

Dear Friends:

Thank you for contacting Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue!  Our goal is to adopt rescued Cavaliers to responsible, loving, permanent homes.  

Please take a moment to read this  before you hit the application button below. It will be very difficult  for you to look at the faces of the rescues on these pages, and not want  to take them all home with you. Some of these babies have spent their entire  lives in the miserable environment of puppy mills. Many have been  neglected, and  mistreated. We all feel their pain, and  want them to enjoy the simple pleasures of a dog's life.

If your family desires a warm,  cuddly, affectionate, housetrained, playful, happy pet, and you want  that temperament when you first bring the dog home, then a puppy mill rescue dog is NOT the dog for you.

The dogs you see on these pages may know nothing about being a beloved pet, or companion, or playmate. These dogs  have lived in wire cages, eaten poor quality food, been forced to share  their cages with many other dogs, never had the proper medical care, and  have never known the human touch of affection and kindness. They are  used to lying in their own excrement, and the excrement of other dogs  that share the same fate. Not only will these dogs bring tremendous  housetraining challenges, they will also challenge your patience and  commitment as you attempt to integrate them into your family life.

Many of these dogs are shy. Many are  fearful. Many will bark at, or run and hide from, the "normal" sounds of a household - the doorbell ringing, a child's joyful squeal,  the running of the vacuum cleaner, the jangling of car keys. These dogs don't know the feel of grass under their paws, or a pillow in their beds.

If you decide you want to adopt one  of the Lucky Star rescues, please understand that it will be your  responsibility to teach these dogs to trust, to play, and to love. That  responsibility must include a solid commitment to the dog's health and well being, a thorough understanding of the lives these rescues have  lived, and a patience born of love that encourages the rescue to  progress at a speed that is right for the dog.

Now that you know the "dark"  side of adopting a puppy mill rescue, you should also know that every  day in the free life of a puppy mill rescue brings cause for rejoicing -  a now wagging tail, the pure enjoyment of a favorite treat, the first  time he comes to sit on your lap, the first "accident-free" day, or  the first time he raises his head to look you square in the eye. Lucky  Star rescues can and DO become wonderful family pets.  It may take a  little more time and dedication, but the rewards are well worth it.

 Also, please be aware that we do ask for an adoption fee of $600 for adult dogs age 2-7 with a sliding scale  for some of our special needs. Senior dogs 8 years and older $300.   $750 in the rare instance when we have puppies and healthy youngsters less than 2 years old.   We usually have much more than that invested in the care of each rescue.  See our FAQs for more information about our rescue, the dogs, the adoption process, costs, etc. 

Please review our FAQs for more valuable information that will answer most of the questions you may have:

Lucky Star FAQs 

Thank you for visiting our site. But  above all, thank you for wanting to give the special babies of Lucky  Star a loving and forever home to call their own.

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