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Many thanks to all who purchased 2013 calendars, holiday cards and tumblers this year!

 We are sold out. 100% of the proceeds went towards our high rescue vet bills. Thanks for your help!


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May 14, 2013
Many THANKS to all who so generously donated for our Puppy Mill Momma's in honor of Mother's Day!   Your generosity will help so many.   IF you missed the chance, you may do so here:  DONATE

 April, 2013

It's been busy! We have taken in 23 rescues in just the first few months of 2013 and helped with many more. Quite a few  dogs have already been adopted and we have many more available just waiting for you.

We periodically get questions on how some dogs are adopted so quickly. Many people apply and get approved to adopt and then wait for a rescue who is a match. When we find a rescue whose needs match those of a family, an adoption can happen quickly. So if you would like to adopt a rescue and can wait a while, please start the process now. These sweet rescues are sure worth waiting for.

 Our focus as always is the older or special needs Cavaliers. We are seeing more than ever BYB, puppy mill or owner turn-ins because of health issues and the economy.

Therefore our vet expenses continue to climb and donations are always so appreciated. Many of the rescues coming from the midwest are heartworm positive. Most shelters and some rescues euthanize them because of the expense of treatment. We do not aand successfully treat them.  Some of the others have knee issues, MVD or other issues. With your help, we have been very successful in remediating these Cavaliers to become happy, loving pets.

A HUGE THANK YOU to  all  who have so generously supported these sweet Cavaliers' needs. Because of you, these dogs are enjoying wonderful  lives, many for the first time. Our volunteers are so special; raising funds, driving hundreds of miles and fostering for sometimes months on end to find just the right match for each rescue. YOU, our generous volunteers and contributors, make it all possible. Huge thanks to all who so selflessly gave donations to pay the vet bills. Special thanks to all who contributed to our sponsored dogs like Ceci, Winston and Sumer,  to Sally's Fund, other gifts  and the FB Brigade members who ran a successful auction to raise funds! We couldn't do it without you all. Sending you all huge puppy hugs and kisses!!




  Save the Date!

When: 4/6/2013

 What:   Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue Sponsored Heart Clinic 

 Where: The clinic will be located in the Portland-Biddeford, ME area at:

 Comfort Suites,

 45 Barra Rd.,

Biddeford ME 04005


Contact: Lauren, 413-734-1292 or

 Pre-registration is required; deadline 3/24/13.

Register on-line at


 Heart (Morris) auscultation $40.00;

 Doppler/echo $180.00;

 Holter $155.00



When: February 21-26, 2013


Where: Doubletree by Hilton DFW Airport North- Irving, TX 
Hosted by: CMW, CKCSC-USA,   Event Type: Board Meeting, Health Clinic, Point Show

Lucky Star will have a table at this CKCS-USA show hosted by CMW.   

Julie Charlton and other volunteers will be there for you to meet and talk to.  Some nice  items will be available for purchase.  Please stop by.  We'd love to meet you, tell you about Lucky Star and about volunteer opportunities.   

January 18, 2013

WOW, it's been busy.   With the puppy mill law changes, there are more dogs than ever who need rescue as the millers downsize. The end of the year is normally very busy but even more so this year. We've been indundated and are also seeing more  owner releases due to illnesses of family and economic hard times.

More available, wonderful Cavaliers have been added to our website in the last few days.   Stay tuned as more will be added soon too.    The recent 10 rescues are in various stages, some just beginning their treatments and quarantine before they go into foster care.  Some will need on-going medical care to treat conditions.      You can read more about our process in our LS FAQs.   

Total dogs rescued in just the last few months: 43

14 are already ready for adoption and are on the website

19 have been adopted or are pending adoption

10 are on hold pending additional treatments/not ready or are recent arrivals

That amount of dogs who are now free  would not have been possible without the help of YOU, our great volunteers and supporters!!!  THANK YOU!!!
Older dogs make wonderful companions.   They are usually housetrained pretty easily as they can "hold it";  they are quieter and calmer than a pup.   They learn quickly and acclimate really well, especially when there is another dog(s) in the home to mimic.    They are full of love to give and we hope you will add one to your family.  They will bring you lots of joy.   That Cavalier spirit always shines through!

Many of you may not know, but if a dog has medical issues that make them unadoptable, unlike many other rescues/shelters,  LS does not euthanize them (unless the dog no longer has quality of life).   We have a permanent foster program and, thanks to the wonderful foster families who care for them and our donors, the dogs can live out their life with love and good vet care.   We will be spotlighting  these happy dogs soon.  

As you can imagine, our vet bills have sky rocketed during this time.   Please help all the  sweet dogs with a donation;  they desparately need your help!  You  all are the reason they are now  having a wonderful life of freedom and safety. 

January 16, 2013

Thanks to the response we have received from so many of you, we have been able to organize the needed transports, vetting and fostering  of  all of the many, many   Cavaliers we have taken in over the extremely  busy holiday months and 10 more so far in  just this last 2 weeks!    Thank you to everyone who responded and helped.  Our AMAZING  volunteers  dropped what they were doing to jump in and do all the work that is needed with so many dogs.   HUGE THANKS TO YOU ALL!!!!!   If you were not contacted this time, we might need your help next time.   Please remember that we usually have the dogs fostered in the nearest/best geographic areas where the dogs were rescued to save on transports.

The 8 dogs from the mill confiscation are in various stages of medical care and some are starting to become available for adoption.  2 have already been adopted.

5 dogs between the ages of 6 and 13 years of age in MI were taken in from a family who could no longer keep them due to their economic situation.  They are being treated and may  also be ready soon.   We successfully negotiated the release of many other dogs from mills  and are seeing more owner turn-ins than ever before with the economy.   You can read about our special boy Winston on our home page.  

You can see the many dogs who were adopted over the last months on our Successes page and read their individual stories.   Charley, Winston, Nina, Jackpot, Autumn and Nina recently became available for adoption.   Check out their stories as well as the other rescues waiting for that special forever family.        

Please check the web site over the next couple of weeks as we begin to post the high volume of recent  rescues.  We expect many of the newer rescues to be available soon.   Please submit an adoption application if you want to give one of these dogs a permanent home.  If you want to be part of one of these rescue efforts in the future, please fill out a foster application or give us your transport information.  We are so very grateful to you all for your help. 

As you can imagine, our vet bills are higher than ever.   The dogs we are getting are older and have more initial issues.   Our average cost per dog is over $775 and we desparately need assistance.   Please donate to help with their care.   We can't do it without YOU!

Sept 30, 2012

This past week, Lucky Star has taken in 4 new rescues. Augie (SC) came from the HSUS mill confiscation in Edgefield County, SC. He is heartworm positive. Sadie (OH) a 7 year-old female came from an Amish farm in Ohio. She's is currently receiving vet care. She's very overweight but friendly. Thank you to a special volunteer, Dean, who drove a long distance to pick her up and deliver her to our vet in the Columbus area. We're making arrangements to pick up a tri male from a mill on AR and a tri female from another breeder in KS. No photos at this time, It will be a couple of weeks before we have vetting completed. They will be posted when available for adoption. 

Let's hope they are all heartworm negative. Augie is postiive and we've had 4 other heartworm positive dogs in the past month.

Sept. 26, 2012

This boy, Augie, is safe in Lucky Star hands. He was the one Cavalier in the HSUS mill confiscation in Edgefield County, SC where 250 animals were removed from the property. Augie has severe corneal scarring and is HW positive. He's a friendly boy and as you can see, he is grateful to the HSUS volunteer. A special thanks to those of you who responded to our posting that made this possible.

Here is the HSUS link for the video describing the mill confiscation and the heroic efforts of the HSUS and its volunteers., select South Carolina Puppy Mill Rescue. 


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