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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  : :  Female  : :  Adult

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About NY Daisy

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Dog
  • Color: blenheim
  • Current Age: 5 Years 2 Months (best estimate)
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Housetrained: Yes

Daisy is a five-year-old Blenheim, that is a "breeder-release" female, now ready for her forever home!!!  Daisy weighs: 20 lbs. & 8 ounces.   A more joyful girl would be hard to find!! 


Daisy enjoys the companionship of the other cavaliers that she has been living with, while in our foster home.  Daisy plays nicely with our cavaliers and cuddles with them, very often on the couch or on a rug in the kitchen. Daisy has been learning basic commands and has demonstrated that she is a very smart girl who is anxious to please!  Daisy is motivated by treats!  Treats are earned for all of the good behaviors we observe! Daisy has spends the largest portion of her days in our kitchen and living room, which are truly the gathering spots in our home on any given day.


  Daisy enjoys running in grass out in the yard!! While outside , she loves to play and will run alongside the other dogs, run in big circles or along the fence line.  Daisy has been working on walking on a leash as well, and does a good job!! We have foam doggie steps in front of the couch for her to use when climbing.  We have seen that she is very comfortable climbing up onto the couch by running and leaping up.  Daisy also will jump off of the chair or couches, independently!  Daisy enjoys a bucket of dog toys that are in the living room.  Making her own choice is something she is used to and seems to love doing!  To date, her favorite toys seem to be: rope chews, soft stuffed toys and ones that squeak. Daisy will occupy herself nicely with toys every night.

Daisy enjoys laying on the rugs, foam dog pads, the couches or on a human lap.  Every night she loves to have back scratches and belly rubs, from one of us.  Daisy often relaxes so much during these massages, that she falls asleep!!  This girl has shown that she is definitely ready to bond with a forever-human! Daisy will gently rest her head on your leg or stomach while snuggling in.  We observe she loves affection and praise!!!


Daisy has made great strides in her understanding of appropriate home behaviors.  All of these skills continue to emerge and improve with consistency, love and patience.  Her adoptive home will need to be a home where this is a priority.  Daisy knows her name and responds to a human calling her name, immediately. We have a crate for Daisy to sleep in that is in a room off of the kitchen.  Daisy sleeps in the crate at night [surrounded by all of her fur siblings] and whenever we have needed to leave the house to run errands.  On these rare occasions, Daisy has slept in the crate for up to three hours.  Once we arrive home, we have found that her crate pad is clean and dry {no accidents!!!} Daisy does beautifully in her crying, no barking, no whining at all.  Every time she goes in her crate, we reward her with a treat. It's a place where she feels safe and very secure.  Our use of positive reinforcement has truly been a success with this darling girl!! Daisy roams the house freely when we are home with her, except for her bedtime hours. It is very common for her to follow us around the house from room to room. Daisy has a healthy dose of curiosity and wants to be with her humans. 

Daisy is a very good eater. Meals are eaten on the kitchen floor, with the rest of the dogs in the same room.  Daisy eats twice a day.  Daisy loves fresh veggies and apples, as well as blueberries, which are given to her as rewards during the day. 



Daisy has been very comfortable with adults as well as children, who have visited our home on occasion. Daisy sits next to the children {on the floor} and wags her tail continually. Daisy has made visits to the vet and was deemed a healthy girl.  Daisy has a microchip implanted. Daisy is up to date with all of the necessary vaccines.  The vet spayed Daisy and preformed a dental on her.  Although her teeth were cleaned at that time, she did not need any teeth, Daisy at five years old has all of her teeth, intact.  Very exciting to report!! 


Can you find it in your heart to open your home to this fabulous girl? Daisy will love you; I can assure you of that!! Loyal, smart, funny and affectionate...this is Daisy!

Daisy is being fostered in Newburgh, NY.  As with all of our rescues, she requires a securely fenced yard and another canine companion in the home.  We do not ship dogs or consider long distant adoptions so please consider your ability to drive to pick her up before applying.  After completing an application, please contact Mary Coyne at

Other Pictures of NY Daisy (click to see larger version):

NY Daisy

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