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Meet Rex!

We desperately need your help!

 Rex is a very sweet 8 year old tri boy. He's a snuggle bug and likes nothing better than cuddling on a lap. He has had a very rough time in his life. He was really neglected in his prior home. He came into rescue with his mouth, feet, and ears horribly infected. He was also suffering from many gastrointestinal issues. Despite many vet visits, several testing rounds and treatment with various meds, soakings, diet changes, etc., his red blood cell count has continued to decline drastically. Most issues that would cause his underlying problems have been ruled out and he now needs to see an Internal Medicine specialist for expensive testing to determine the exact cause(s) and treatment.

Please find it in your heart to donate towards the cost of his care. This sweet boy is depending on all of us for help. You can donate either by check or Paypal to Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue using this link. Please note that your donation is for Rex in the comments section. We thank you and Rex sends you lots of hugs and kisses too.


We thank you for your support!   

About Us  

Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue is a  501 (c) 3 non-profit, tax-exempt, 100% volunteer program dedicated to the health and welfare of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in need of help.   Our primary  mission is the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of Cavaliers, with special focus on saving older Cavaliers  from the horrors of puppy mills.  We also rescue Cavaliers in need of help  from  kill shelters and other sources.
We try to find the BEST possible home for each and every dog we take into rescue.   Some of them have special needs and require a stay  in foster care for an extended  period of time.   Some are available once their health needs have been met.   All our dogs are spayed/neutered prior to adoption and go through our extensive vet protocols. None of this would be possible without the help of volunteers and people like you who love the breed.   Even a small donation of your time and/or money will make a huge difference in the lives of these sweet dogs.   We hope you will open your hearts to them. 


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   LUCKY STAR FAQs       Good information about our organization and rescue processes.

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  Won't you help a Cavalier become free?


 If everyone who reads this message donates just $20 to LS rescue Cavaliers, you could help pay the LS vet bills for a few months! Won't you please help bring FREEDOM and love to some very deserving dogs?

You can donate here: Click to Donate

 Many thanks, dear friends!! The doggies thank you too!


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Rescue dogs aren't broken. They've simply experienced more life than other dogs. If they were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write.  They have lots of love to give.  

Until there are none...rescue  one.




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